Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

We have a Frequently Asked Question section for our user's so they don't get confused about common question before and after joining the family of Galaxy Broadband.

Galaxy Broadband Frequently Asked Question's

Q1 What is Galaxy Broadband?
Galaxy is a team of hard workers and pushovers, who are determined to establish an elite network services spectrum on metropolitan level. Galaxy have a mission to build a stronghold for various network services on local link, such as super nodes, msn and other utilities to provide maximum performance and high scalability to take full advantage of gigabit network. Galaxy is determined to provide state of the art broadband communication to each household and business entity on a very low cost.
Q2 What Galaxy Broadband is offering?
1. Household; Galaxy Net provides shared bandwidth packages to households with dynamic public IP address. The connectivity is provided through Ethernet backhauled with Optical Fiber to Galaxy’s Network Operation Center.
2. Corporate; Galaxy Net provides 128 Mbps and higher CIR circuits to corporate customers over Ethernet backhauled on Optical Fiber to Network Operation Center.
Q3 What is Metropolitan Area Network?
A metropolitan area network (MAN) is a network that interconnects users with computer resources in a geographic area or region larger than that covered by even a large local area network (LAN) but smaller than the area covered by a wide area network (WAN). The term is applied to the interconnection of networks in a city into a single larger network (which may then also offer efficient connection to a wide area network). It is also used to mean the interconnection of several local area networks by bridging them with backbone lines.
Q4 What is the difference between household and corporate account/service?
A household account/service is a package defined for a user, who would use the internet services at home for entertainment and education purpose. Household accounts are not meant for mission critical or task critical business usage, for which a corporate CIR account is required with relativity higher uptime, backup support and Service Level Agreement.
Q5 Why Galaxy Broadband?
Galaxy Net is the only service provider, which offers significantly higher data throughput with public IP (WAN Interface). Galaxy net is the largest network of Karachi Pakistan, and the only such extensively large network, which is constantly involved in research and development to improve service level and introduce value added bundled services.
Q6 Can I face outage of service on this network?
The both type of services, Corporate and Household account/service can be subject to outage due to any technical issue or sabotage of optical fiber link. In such cases, Galaxy’s technical team is on duty 24/7 to resolve any type of issue at the earliest possible. The corporate accounts usually have a backup link as part of SLA, which provide them connectivity during such outage. The household accounts are designed for extremely low cost service and therefore they only have backup facility over the optical fiber multiple rings within city but no any other type of media or backup link is available for each individual or small locality.
Q7 How my PC health determines the quality of service?
Your PC (Personal Computer) health directly affects the quality of service for you internet. Your PC must be free of any Virus, Trojans, Worms and Spy-ware in order to enjoy your Internet/network related services. It is highly recommended that you installed Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware and any other reliable security software to protect your PC from all malicious software, which may cause interruption in services, indecently impersonated emails to friends and much worse your data loss.
A very old PC with very low configuration will also cause hassle in enjoying your Internet/network services.
Q8 Can I use WiFi with Galaxy Broadband Internet Connection?
Yes, you can use WiFi with Galaxy Broadband services, but you are advised to contact your local dealer or Galaxy Net’s technical support before installing or provisioning any WiFi access point. The most recommended type of WiFi access point is “Bridge Mode”, since they are low in cost and does not require any specific settings, in fact they are almost plug and play type.
The access point with “Routing Mode” are the one, which cause problem and requires specific settings. The unguided installation of such access point can cause outage in service not only for you but also for users in closer proximity of your location.
However, Galaxy Broadband reserves the rights to temporarily or permanently deactivate or disable service for a user causing problem by installing “Routing Mode” access point on connect network.
Q9 What is the meaning of broadcast on network?
Generally, PCs broadcast some packets or traffic to coordinate or communicate with other PCs on same network. Sometimes this broadcast is generated in huge volume from a PC due to any virus or malicious software or a electrical short circuit in the network interface card, commonly known as “NIC” or “LAN Card”.
Such broadcast causes interruption or outage in service to the particular segment of network. Therefore, it is advised to insure the health of your PC.
Q10 What are Virus, Spyware, Worms and Trojans?
These are all malicious software, which cause interruption and outage in Internet services and in addition can damage or delete any software application or personal data.
Q11 What is Email Spamming?
The email spamming is a technique of bombarding thousands of emails to thousands of users at a time. Usually this technique is used by sales or marketing firms trying to convey their message with products. The email spamming can also be generated by a malicious software installed in your PC, these type of software impersonate as you and automatically send emails to various users randomly or from your address book. The virus generated spamming usually contains indecent contents to harm or embarrass you in front of your friends and relatives. Please insure you PC health to avoid such issues.
In any case, deliberate or none-deliberate spamming is consider illegal and offensive activity, which could cause any legal complication for the email spammer.
Q12 What is popup blocker?
The popup blocker is a utility, which can be installed upon a internet browser to block any unwanted popup windows. According to your settings of popup blocker, you can choose weather to allow or disallow any popup from a specific website. The popup from any unknown and less reputed websites usually contain indecent contents or malicious scripts.
Q12 What are the most dangerous ports?
The most dangerous ports, which are used by most of the viruses and other malicious software, are;
1. 135 to 139 (TCP & UDP Both)
2. 445 (TCP & UDP Both)
3. 1433 to 1434 (TCP & UDP Both)
4. 6667 (TCP & UDP Both)
The above mentioned ports are blocked on network to reduce the chances of various malicious attacks and spread. Any P2P or other network applications using these ports are not allowed on Galaxy network. The list of ports can change with time accordingly.
Q13 What is Network Gamming?
The network gamming is the term used for such games, which are played by multiple users at a time, using network as connection between all players. Generally a network service provider facilitates game servers for users to login and play across the network.
Q14 Are there network games, which I can play on my own with my friends?
The users themselves can also build and use games servers on their own. The only difference in network service provider facilitated games servers and users’ owned game server is the accessibility across network.
Q15 Why Galaxy Broadband provides dialer to user Internet?
The Galaxy Net provides a dialer to the users for using Internet, the idea of providing dialer is to take advantages, from which some are useful for Galaxy Net and some are useful to users. The dialer provides connect to manage each user individually for accounts and bandwidth allocation. Where as user take advantage of dedicated management of bandwidth to its particular user id and dynamic delivery of Public IP and WAN interface.
Q16 Why Galaxy Broadband provides dialer to user Internet?
The Galaxy Net provides a dialer to the users for using Internet, the idea of providing dialer is to take advantages, from which some are useful for Galaxy Net and some are useful to users. The dialer provides connect to manage each user individually for accounts and bandwidth allocation. Where as user take advantage of dedicated management of bandwidth to its particular user id and dynamic delivery of Public IP and WAN interface.
Q17 Does Galaxy Net log or track my activities on network?
Galaxy Broadband Internet Service has an automated logging and tracking system, which keeps the records of user id and Public IP address. The Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan requires this feature. The logs are only provided to Government’s authorized law enforcement agencies upon any illegal activity performed by a particular user. It is advised to Galaxy Net’ users to safeguard the user id and do not share it with any unknown or less trusted person.
Q18 What is Internet Download Manager?
The Internet Download Manager is a utility which provides resume facility for any progressive download. A user can choose to download any particular content and temporarily pause the downloading and resume later on his/her ease.
Q19 What is Anti-Virus software and do I need to update it regularly?
Just installing Anti-Virus software and any other security related software is not enough, as new virus and malicious software are constantly be produced and transferred to computer through various means. It is necessary to update all security related software regularly.